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Мощная комбинация приборов Fluke Networks Airmagnet и Aircheck™ G2

Save up to 20% when you purchase any of the AirMagnet Mobile solutions plus an AirCheck G2

These limited time combo SKUs allow wireless network professionals to quickly and easily design, validate and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks. Choose one of the following solutions:



Gold is required for the AirMagnet products (includes a free annual hardware service, technical support, and software updates). For the AirCheck G2, support is optional:

  • AM/A1480-1YS
  • AM/A1490-1YS
  • AM/A1580-1YS
  • AM/A4018-1YS: 1 Year Gold Support for AirMagnet
  • AirCheck-G2-1YS: 1 Year Gold Support for AIRCHECK-G2

he AirMagnet plus AirCheck G2 Combo promotion is offered from July 1st, 2018 through December 31st, 2018 while stocks last. This promotion is only available in certain countries where the AirCheck™ G2 is approved for shipment and sale as the AirCheck G2 is a regulated test instrument.This promotion is subject to change or cancellation at any time without notification. All purchases must be new products from an authorized reseller and on a single Purchase Order received prior to the end of the promotion period

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